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"if  you say something about your company, it's a   claim.
if someone else says something about your company, it's a fact."


"I (Millbrook Winery) have been working with Sylvain for a couple years now. We had originally requested him to come up and take some new shots of our wine bottles for promotion and website use. The shots came out great and he really captured each of them quite beautifully. 
More recently Sylvain came back to the winery to take some photos of the property during the peak autumn season. When he sent me the proofs of his shoot, I was thrilled. With minimal direction of what I was wanting to capture, he set out and took some of the most amazing property photos that I have seen during my 23 year career here.
We are looking forward to utilizing his photos in new brochures, banners, on our website and other avenues to really showcase the beauty of the winery as we celebrate our 35th year."

Stacy Hudson, Vice President/Marketing & Creative Director
Millbrook Vineyards & Winery


" 'took another look through the web site as soon as I got to work. Really terrific.
Maybe you shouldn't be limiting
ConAd to construction related web development. Good web site development does not always require expertise in the business of the site owner. You could do some great things for any variety of businesses."

Michael Weprin,
President of Bridgecom International, Mt Kisco, NY


"Sylvain, what a dynamic site!  It's great! I agree with the art director who said that your site is an example of how they should look. I'm going to call up your site and show it to our staff in our Big 50 meeting."

Jill Tunick, Senior Editor, Remodeling magazine


"Two or three words won't do it though. I think the site is very well put together.  Navigation is clear and always present and look and feel friendly.

It is very professional and clean, the icons are cute and catchy, the design is consistent, and the information given is abundant and thorough.

Did you do your own images? They really are good. The site is fun to go to...

I really do think you have the important factors down in designing a site. If this is your first attempt it is a good one! Keep up the good work!"

Carmen D Marano, web sites designer


"I just saw the page proof of my column, and the art director is showing your home page to illustrate it. So, you'll likely see some increased traffic, if only from remodelers who want to see what a really good site looks like.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for the work you put into a fine site. I'm happy to be able to bring it the attention it deserves."

Ann Marie Moriarty, senior editor, Remodeling On Line


"Congratulations on your very professional looking web-site.
 I am Stuart Newsome, the principal of J.S. Newsome Construction Inc. I see that you have invested considerable time and effort in building your Web Site. I would appreciate it if you could tell me in general terms whether it has been worth the effort and if you getting a return on your investment."

J.S. Newsome, J.S. Newsome Construction Inc.


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