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Bathroom Beauty, 1986 Catherine in Underwear -- 1986 Guy & Girl in Steaming Public Bathroom, 1988
Cool Harley Biker -- 1986

Skateboarder at Bronx Train Station, 1989

Robert Bisson in Stairway -- 1983
Franco The Great -- Harlem, 1988 Bathing Suit Beauty BMW 40's Bike & Shoe Ad, 1990
Small Boy, Lance, 1987 Rene Michel Vachon, 1987 Catherine for Clin d'oeil Mag, 1985
Real Homeless Person, 1988 Wedding Invitation, 1987 Real Homeless Person, Close Up, 1988
Robert Bisson, Close up, 1983 Clin D'oeil Mag Hairstyle -- 1986 Security Guard Close up, 1983
Little Jessica, 1985 India Gal, 1986 Security Guard In Gallery, 1984
Bank of Montreal Poster Promo, 1987 Paul Sarrasin, "VJ" at Musique Plus, Postcard, 1987

Calculus Poster Promo for Strategie Force, 1987

Chatelaine Mag. spread for nails article, 1986

SAQ Poster, 1988

Self Promo Poster, 1985

Place Ville Marie Poster Ad, 1988

Quebec Rock Mag Self Promo, 1986

Clin D'oeil Mag photo series, 1987

Larousse Dictionary Billboard Ad, 1988   Bank of Montreal Newspaper spread, 1987


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