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"if  you say something about your company, it's a   claim.
if someone else says something about your company, it's a fact."


G O L D    A W A R D

Download Our Award Winning TV Campaign

In 2000, not only we won the Gold Award for the best TV Campaign, we came home with the top award, "Best Of Show"

View the four TV commercials for yourself...


B R O N Z E    A W A R D


On May 19 1999, Absolute Remodeling web site won this prestigious award.


B E S T      C O N T R A C T O R      S I T E

Building Products Spread - Small

As reported in Building Products, a glossy trade magazine published by Hanley-Wood, the leading publishers in construction magazines. This article is in the Nov./Dec. 1998 issue dedicated on the Internet, entitled "Breaking New Grounds."


T H E     W E B S    W E     W E A V E

"The pros at ConAd, a construction advertising consulting company in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., designed this site. It follows all the rules: It's clean, attractive, well-organized, with good navigational cues, and it's pretty quick to download.."    March 10, 1998.  By Ann Marie Moriarty, senior editor, Remodeling Magazine, Hanley-Wood Online.


More reviews are in!!!  read what the "critics" are saying about ConAd

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